Van Hire Haverhill Hire Terms



Please read our hire terms and conditions


“You” are the customer (main driver) who signed the rental agreement and who is entitled to drive the vehicle. “Van Hire Haverhill” is the subsidiary or franchisee named in the rental agreement.
“Vehicle” is the car or van that Van Hire Haverhill is renting to you for the agreed duration of the rental agreement and will include all parts and accessories fitted to it at the commencement of the rental.
“Damage” is any damage occurring to the Vehicle (including glass, lights and mirrors) and any damage occurring to third party property where applicable.



You must hold and produce a valid UK driving licence.
The driving licence must have been issued by authorised authorities at least 12 months before the date of the commencement of the rental. You must be aged between 22 to 70 to rent a car or van and have held a driving licence for at least two years.
You must produce a valid credit card with an expiry date.
You must also present your own credit card for those charges that have not been prepaid (such as extras, refuelling charge, excess due in the event of damage to or loss of the rented vehicle).
Please note that Vans4 accepts major credit cards.
Credit cards are accepted to the limits authorised by the credit card company.
Endorsements:  Restrictions apply to endorsements recorded on UK driving licences. Please contact us to find out if you are applicable to hire a vehicle from Van Hire Haverhill.




Please note young driver surcharges may apply, for younger drivers.





4.1 Condition of the Vehicle.
A description of the condition of the Vehicle will be given to you at the same time as the rental agreement.
Before leaving the rental location, you are required to check the condition of the Vehicle.
Where an apparent defect is found which is not already listed in the document, you must immediately inform the Van Hire Haverhill employee at the counter in order to proceed with a joint-examination of the Vehicle.
In such a case, amendments must be made to the document and duly countersigned by both parties.
If the amended document is not countersigned by both parties, the condition of the Vehicle will be as set out in the document given to you with the rental agreement and it will be considered that you received the Vehicle in proper working condition.
You will return the Vehicle in the same condition as it was provided at the start of the rental.
You are responsible for any repair or refurbishment costs and these will be added to the cost of the rental.
4.2 Use of the Vehicle The Vehicle must not be driven by anyone other than you and then only under the condition that your ability to drive is not in any way impaired by mental or physical incapacity or restricted by the Law.
You must take care of the Vehicle, keep it in good repair and condition, pay any fines for which you may be liable, reimburse Van Hire Haverhill for any damage to the Vehicle, and refund Van Hire Haverhill for any costs it incurs.
The vehicle will be provided to you with fuel at level for which you are signing you agree to. You are signing the agreement to say that you will also return the vehicle with at least this same agreed level. If their is any ambiguity about this level or it is deemed by a Van Hire Haverhill representative to be returned to us with less fuel than indicated and agreed, you will be charged for refuelling the vehicle up to the next quarter of a tank in our favour, plus a refuelling charge for us to do this of £12.50. We strongly recommend that you ensure the vehicle is refuelled to a level where there will be no reason or cause for discussion on this matter. You must only refuel the vehicle with the correct type of fuel. Costs of fuel and for the refuelling service will be at your expense and charged immediately to your card or account and by signing our rental agreement you agree to all of the above.
Van Hire Haverhill strongly recommends that you carefully read this information available when you pick up the vehicle.
You are liable for all fees, taxes, fines and penalties incurred in connection with the use of the Vehicle and for which Van Hire Haverhill is charged, unless they have arisen through the fault of Van Hire Haverhill.
During the rental period you must carry out the usual checks (engine oil level, tyre pressure, etc.) as would any careful user and you must respect the maintenance cycle of the Vehicle as stated in the maintenance guide, if any.
When parking the Vehicle, even for a short period, you undertake to lock it and make use of the Vehicle’s alarm and/or immobilisation equipment.
You must never leave the Vehicle unoccupied with the keys in the ignition. Non-return of the keys will lead to invalidation of the theft cover.
You undertake to use the Vehicle in a responsible manner and in particular, only for the purposes for which it is intended. For a car, this means primarily carrying passengers other than for hire and reward.
In particular, you must not use the Vehicle under any of the following conditions or for any of the following purposes:
– driving the Vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other type of narcotic substances, – transportation of inflammable or dangerous goods, as well as toxic, corrosive, radioactive or other harmful substances,
– carrying anything which, because of its smell or condition, harms the Vehicle or causes Van Hire Haverhill to lose time or money before it can rent the Vehicle again,
– transportation of live animals (with the exception of domestic pets, subject to prior authorisation by Van Hire Haverhill),
– with a roof rack, luggage carrier or similar, unless supplied by Van Hire Haverhill.
– re-rental to or use by other persons, – carrying passengers for hire or reward,
– participating in rallies, competitions or trials, wherever they may take place, – giving driving lessons,
– pushing or towing another vehicle (except those vehicles equipped by Van Hire Haverhill with a towing-hook; maximum load 1,000 kg), or exceeding the authorised load weight.
– travelling on non-paved roads or on roads, the surface or state of repair of which could put the vehicle’s wheels, tyres or its under body mechanics at risk,
– intentionally committing any offence.
– none of the goods and baggage carried in the Vehicle, including their packing and stowage equipment, will be permitted to damage the Vehicle, nor put the occupants abnormally at risk,
– in any way which breaks the highway Code, road traffic laws or any other laws. You will be liable for any offence committed during the rental period which relates in any way to your use of the Vehicle, as if you were the owner of the Vehicle.
Upon the request of the Police or any official body Van Hire Haverhill may have to transfer your personal data. Such transfer will be done in accordance with the data protection Laws of the country of rental.
4.3 Maintenance / Mechanical Problems
The Vehicle has been provided to you with a full set of tyres in good condition.
In the event that any of them is damaged for any reason other than normal wear and tear, you undertake to replace it immediately at your own expense with a tyre of the same dimensions, type and wear characteristics.
You must stop the Vehicle if any of the instrument panel warning lights, which are intended to indicate the existence of a mechanical problem, light up, or if you become aware of anything else which may indicate the presence of a mechanical problem with the Vehicle.
If the odometer has stopped functioning for any reason other than a technical failure, you will be required to pay a distance charge according to the rates in force in the country of rental.
When the rental starts, the Vehicle will be roadworthy and fit for normal use. If it is not, or if it becomes un-roadworthy or unfit for normal use during the rental because of mechanical breakdown or accident, you must inform a Van Hire Haverhill member of staff or telephone the emergency mobile number shown on the rental agreement.
Vans4 will have the choice between replacing the Vehicle or accepting repairs to be done to the Vehicle. In the latter case, repairs can only be made after written or oral confirmation from and instructions given by Van Hire Haverhill as well as prior acceptation by Van Hire Haverhill of the estimation of costs.
You must be able to provide the name and station name of Van Hire Haverhill accepting the repairs. Without prejudice to any question of liability, the expenses for the repairs may be charged directly to Van Hire Haverhill. If not, Van Hire Haverhill reserves the right to request from you the remittance of the defective pieces and the paid invoice.
The fees and expenses of any repair undertaken without the order of Van Hire Haverhill will not be reimbursed to you. You must inform Van Hire Haverhill, or one of its agents, of all accidents, damage to or breakdowns of the car, even those which may already have been repaired, when you return the Vehicle. You will remain liable for any damages to Van Hire Haverhill.
In any case, neither Van Hire Haverhill nor its directors, officers or employees will be liable to you for any loss or damage (including but not limited to loss of profit or earnings…) nor, to the extent permitted by the Law, for indirect consequential damages whether your action is based on contract or in tort.
4.4 Breakdown Assistance
For the length of the rental, as agreed with Van Hire Haverhill, you have a Breakdown and Assistance Service. If required, this service can be contacted by calling the telephone number indicated on the rental agreement or on the windscreen.
In order to benefit from this cover, you must make contact with the Breakdown and Assistance Service immediately after the occurrence of the incident.
If you do not contact the Breakdown and Assistance Service and if you initiate steps or make any disbursements without the prior consent of Van Hire Haverhill, you will not be able to claim for reimbursement of the expenses.
The rule of prior approval does not apply in the event of breakdown on motorways and solely in this case. Consequently, the roadside repair or towing expenses will be reimbursed to you.




5.1 Principle and Calculation
You undertake to return the Vehicle to Van Hire Haverhill at the agreed place, on the date and at the time indicated on the rental agreement.
The maximum duration of a rental agreement may vary. The rental duration is calculated on the basis of indivisible periods of 24 hours, starting from the time the Vehicle is made available. However, a 30 minute grace period is applied at the end of the rental before the start of a new 24-Hour period.
5.2 Extension of the Original Duration of the Rental.
Should you wish to keep the Vehicle for a period longer than that originally set out in the rental agreement, you are must first contact by phone Van Hire Haverhill in order to extend the duration of the rental agreement.
The Vehicle is insured for the period mentioned on the rental agreement. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Van Hire Haverhill, once this period is passed, the contracting party remains liable for any damages to Van Hire Haverhill.

5.3 Delivery and Collection Terms
Where you ask Van Hire Haverhill and Van Hire Haverhill agrees in writing to deliver the Vehicle or to collect the Vehicle, you may have to pay additional charges and follow additional instructions. You must check at the time of reservation.
When you return the Vehicle, or if Van Hire Haverhill has agreed you will do so, when you leave the Vehicle for collection by Van Hire Haverhill, you must complete the details of the date and time of return, the mileage and fuel gauge reading and other information shown on the rental document wallet. You must also do anything else, which Van Hire Haverhill requests as a condition of agreeing to collect the Vehicle.
You must return the Vehicle immediately if Van Hire Haverhill asks you to do so. In the event that the Vehicle is not delivered to Van Hire Haverhill upon request you hereby authorise Van Hire Haverhill to enter your premises and to do any and all other things necessary to repossess the Vehicle.
You will be liable for any costs associated with such repossession. Van Hire Haverhill may repossess any vehicle without notice or liability where Van Hire Haverhill deems that such repossession is necessary for its own protection.

5.4 End of Rental
The end of the rental is defined by the return of the Vehicle and of its keys.

This must be done to a uniformed Van Hire Haverhill employee and under no circumstances should you give the keys to any person present at the Van Hire Haverhill location and who you assume or who purports to be a Vans4 employee. If explicitly mentioned in writing in the rental agreement the keys may be returned through the letter box of Van Hire Haverhill office.
If the Vehicle is returned without its keys, you will be invoiced for the cost of the replacement keys. Van Hire Haverhill strongly recommends that you carefully read this information available at counter Under no circumstances will Van Hire Haverhill accept any liability for articles that may have been left in the Vehicle at the end of the rental.



Outside the normal opening hours, depositing the keys and documents in a letter box does not constitute the end of the rental. You remain liable for any damages until a Van Hire Haverhill employee takes possession of the Vehicle, documents and keys when the Van Hire Haverhill location opens. 5.4.1 In the event of confiscation, theft or accident
In the event of measures by third parties, including attachment, confiscation or impounding of the Vehicle, you must immediately inform Van Hire Haverhill in writing.
Van Hire Haverhill will then be entitled to take all measures which it deems necessary to protect its rights. You will be liable for all damage, cost and/or expenses associated with the above measures and for any direct, indirect, consequential damages (such as loss…) to the Vehicle unless it is demonstrated that Van Hire Haverhill is directly responsible for such confiscation or impounding of the Vehicle.
Furthermore, the rental agreement may be automatically terminated as soon as Van Hire Haverhill is informed of such action by the legal authorities or by you.
Any use of the Vehicle which may be detrimental to Van Hire Haverhill will entitle Van Hire Haverhill to automatically terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect. You will then return the Vehicle immediately as soon as Van Hire Haverhillso requests.
In the event of theft of the Vehicle, the rental agreement will be terminated as soon as Van Hire Haverhill has received a copy of the theft declaration made by you to the police authorities.
In the event of an accident, the rental agreement will be terminated as soon as Van Hire Haverhill has received a copy of the accident report completed by you and, where applicable, the third party.
If Van Hire Haverhill provides a new vehicle, the rental agreement will be amended accordingly.
Furthermore Van Hire Haverhill will have no responsibility for loss, theft, robbery or damage of whatever nature relating to objects and/or utensils transported or which are found in the Vehicle including, in particular, baggage and/or goods.




6.1 Rates
The total charges for each rental will be determined according to the price list applicable at the time of rental. If you do not meet the preconditions for a contractual rate, then the standard rate is to be paid. In the event of one-way rental, the one-way rate is applicable.
At the time of booking we will take 50% of the hire as a non returnable reservation fee, this reserves the vehicle for you, and excludes any other parties from pre booking that vehicle. You agree at the time of booking to these terms. If you wish to cancel your booking no refund will be given, if you are changing the date and we have not lost any bookings on the original reservation date we may transfer the dates for you with out charge.
6.2 Terms of Payment
When payment is made by means of a credit card, an authorisation will be requested prior to the start of the rental.
The minimum amount of the authorisation will be determined by multiplying the rate by the rental period reserved by you and other relevant charges. This amount is not debited. It is held on cardholder’s bank account until the final rental charge amount is debited. When the Vehicle is returned, the invoiced amount will be charged to the credit card provided, unless you present another means of payment.
In the event of non-payment by the due date shown on the invoice, you will be liable, for payment of interest on the due amount in accordance with the details on the invoice, if any. Non-payment by due date of any invoice or any other non-payment will render all outstanding invoices due immediately and will authorise Van Hire Haverhill to require immediate return of any vehicles still on rent and to terminate the agreements relating to such rentals.
The tariffs applicable to the rental, to the additional services and to the optional covers or insurances are those which are in force on the date of issue of the rental agreement, and correspond to the characteristics you originally indicated at the time of reservation (Vehicle type rental, duration, return station…). Any modification in the characteristics will entail the use of an appropriate alternative tariff.
Should the Vehicle not be returned with a full fuel tank, you will be charged for the missing quantity of fuel and for the refuelling service.




All the vehicles in Van Hire Haverhill fleet are insured against Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage that you might inflict on a third party as a result of an accident involving the Vehicle. The amounts for such liability cover are available on request in the country of rental.
In particular, you must comply with the rule concerning permitted destinations, as set out in Article “use of the vehicle” above, in order to have the full benefit of the insurance provisions.



Damage to the under body-work and/or roof due to collision with bridges, tunnels, overhanging structures etc., is excluded from the damage cover, unless force majeure can be proved. Exceptions to this regulation may apply in some countries. 7.1 Liability in the Event of Damage to the Rental Vehicle or Theft or Conversion thereof 7.1.1 You will be liable for any damages to Vans4 when renting a Vehicle that has been entrusted to you.
Therefore, in the event of theft of the Vehicle or damages caused to it, you must fully indemnify Van Hire Haverhill (the indemnification will include the amounts corresponding to the repair costs, resale value of the Vehicle, loss of use, administration charges…).

The amount will not exceed the market value of the rented vehicle at the time of the event.

This liability may be reduced if you opted for the “reduced liability” plan as defined in Article above.

Therefore, at the end of the Rental,


with an amount equal to the non-waivable excess charge according to the tariffs in force in the rental country.

according to the provisions of section 6.1.2.
You are advised that any waivers you may have chosen will be invalidated if you fail to take reasonable measures for the safety of the Vehicle, its parts or accessories, or fail to comply with all restrictions on the use of the Vehicle or otherwise abuse or misuse it.
You will not be exempt from liability towards Van Hire Haverhill in the case of breach of contract. Therefore, you will be responsible for any financial loss Van Hire Haverhill suffers as a result of such breach and for any relevant claims made by other people. You agree to pay any amounts Van Hire Haverhill spends in enforcing these terms.

If the loss suffered by Vans4 is subsequently reduced (recovery of the Vehicle within 60 days, partial or total liability on the part of the Third party), you will receive the corresponding reimbursement.
7.1.2 Light damage (valid only if applicable)
Both at check-out and check-in Vans4 will, together with you, record in the rental agreement all visible light damage to a vehicle in compliance with the detailed list of light damages and repair costs displayed at the counter which you hereby acknowledge.
At check-out unrepaired damage must appear on the rental agreement with the appropriate signatures by you and Vans4. At the end of the rental i.e., at check-in, the identification of any new light damage must be added to the rental agreement.
Any new light damage will be immediately pointed out to Vans4, mentioned in the rental agreement, and signed by you and Vans4. This damage will be charged to you at the repair price mentioned in the list displayed at the counter. Where this option is available, you will approve by signing electronically or by signing the relevant paper document.
These repair costs will be directly billed to you by Vans4 and will include the cost of the damage repair as well as administration charges, immobilisation costs, spare parts and labour costs. The above-mentioned invoiced repair costs are payable under the same conditions as for the payment of the rental agreement.


7.2 Summary of the Optional Contractual Guarantees Offered by Vans4
You acknowledge that you have read and understood the following summary of the terms relating to optional Exoneration and/or Limitation of Liability (“ELL”) guarantees and that you may elect to choose any of the optional ELL guarantees by so indicating on the rental agreement.
CDW (Collision / Damage Waiver):
If chosen and indicated in the rental agreement or if included in the rate, this facility will limit your liability for any damage to the Vehicle which is not otherwise recovered from a third party, subject to the Non-Waivable Charge. Exceptions to this regulation may apply in some countries.
NWC (Non-Waivable Charge):
Fixed amount charged for every rental for which CDW has been taken out and where the Vehicle is returned damaged and the repair costs are not recovered from a third party. The amount of Non-Waivable charge may vary from time to time. Details are available at time of rental.


If chosen and indicated in the rental agreement or if included in the rate, this option provides a financial indemnity for you and passengers (subject to permitted number of occupants in the vehicle) in the event of death or permanent disability. The amounts vary from country to country and may also vary depending on whether an adult or a child is involved. Similarly, Partial Disability may lead to lower payment or to no payment at all if disability percentage is below a certain threshold.
The PAI coverage is provided by Insurance Company. The terms and conditions of this coverage are contained in a master policy, a copy of which is available upon request. By accepting the PAI coverage you agree to the terms and conditions of the master policy.
TW / TP (Theft Waiver / Theft Protection):
If chosen and indicated in the enrolment form or if included in the rate, this relieves you of your financial liability in the event of the Vehicle being stolen, except where incurred through negligence and/or breach of contract.
Subscribing to the CDW option alone does not necessarily provide this cover. TW may be mandatory in some countries and is strongly recommended in many countries. It may be subject to a non-waivable charge.




Please note that in the course of the performance of the booking as well as the rental process, Van Hire Haverhill collects some personal data. It is mandatory to provide all the information requested; in the absence of such information, Van Hire Haverhill will not be able to correctly ensure the booking and/or the rental.
Under the Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, update, correct or delete personal data collected by us. You may correct factual errors in that data by sending a request to us pointing out the error.
You should contact our main office for information about how to exercise these rights.




Van Hire Haverhill Removals terms and conditions.

1 To reserve our removal service for the time and day you require, a deposit of £200 or 20% (which ever is greater)
of the total quotation will be required.
This deposit is taken to reserve the vehicle and teams exclusively for you, if you cancel or decided not to use us the deposit is non refundable.
We understand that with removals occasionally dates can be changed, if this is the case we will where possible just port the removal to your new dates with out loss to you providing,
we have not turned away other business for the originally booked dates, and that we have availability for your revised date. All outstanding monies including VAT must be received by us at least a day before your moving day.

2 We quote on the conditions that we arrive at the agreed time and date for your move, and are able to start loading straight away, and that your goods and contents are dismantled,packed and ready to be loaded (unless you have taken out our packing or dismantling service). Access for our vehicles to be parked as close to the properties to be loaded / unloaded is available. Access to and from your property is clear.

3 Any delays or waiting time over the first hour will be charged at £50 per hour rounded up to the next half hour if the delivery address is under 120 miles from the collection address. If over 120 miles we may need to charge an additional reasonable cost for overnight accommodation if the delay adversely affects maximum driving and or working hours.

4 If we have quoted you a price based on the information you have given us, wether it be a list of goods, Cubic meter estimate or indication of vehicle size required or other,if this is different and in excess from the indicated agreed amount we reserve the right to only supply the service and vehicle quoted for, any extra goods may need to be charged for and we cannot guarantee we will have the space to take these goods in the originally specified vehicle.
However we would usually expect to be able to lay on an additional vehicle from our fleet.

5 For your peace of mind we include free removal and in transit insurance cover for your goods up to £20,000 this can be increased if required please ask one of our team. An insurance excess may apply if claiming.

6 We aim to offer the highest possible service to make your moving day as stress free as possible, please ask our team if there is something particular we can help you with.
7 Our staff will always act professionally and politely, we expect to receive similar treatment in our working environment, Abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and our service may be withdrawn.

7 All quoted prices are plus VAT.


If you are concerned or unsure about any of the above please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this in more detail with you.